Multiplayer Mayhem!
Enjoy the fun with your friends!
You think the good old racing games were the challenge for you and your friends? Now RUMP! is going to be busting your mind. There are no classic green, red or blue shells - but several other gadgets, that will make your friends rage when you fire them off. Like rockets, homing missiles, chargeable lasers, bombs, sticky bombs cashguns and deployable ATM money spamming machines. What a mix!

ingame footage

  • Up to six people multiplayer mayhem to beat your friends via STEAM!
  • Online Matchmaking with Quickjoin options or premade Lobbys/Groups!
  • Awesome gadgets like hooks, missiles and other fun stuff!
  • Lots of various Characters, Skins, Hats and Capes!
  • Global & local rankings with leaderboards and statistics!
  • Multiple Gamemodes like Deathmatch and Timeattack, etc!
  • Coming soon: Observer Mode for viewing and casting multiplayer runs!
Dare them to defy you...
No one finishes before me!
Compete with random Rumpers or your friends and beat their highscores! Kick them off the ledge, shoot them midst-air, freeze the ground below their Rumps, hook them to the void, lure them into traps. Collect rewards and achievements while doing so - on top of all that fun. If you want to, you can climb the ladder and score the best times of the worldwide ranking!

In the multiplayer modes you can challenge up to five of your friends in a fight to the death! Multiple modes are planned - but the most important things, as usual, will be: Deathmatch and Timeattack! Use your body and your gadgets to get rid of your foes and proceed to unbelievable greatness! Missiles, Boosters, Hooks and other grim utilities can be used to make your way to the top. Compete with other players all over the world!

Highscores and Seasons
Multiplayer highscores will be distinguished by regularly renewing seasons (history is being kept!) and by their gamemodes as well, so you have quite a bunch of ways to achieve awesome rankings. Become a specialist in Deathmatch games or try to outrun all opponents in timeattack mode - where there's always the thrill of someone hooking you off that spot and taking the lead...