RUMP! Singleplayer
What is RUMP!?
It's a crazy and challenging 3D jump and run game with a high focus on speedrunning, competition, sick moves and ultimate multiplayer-mayhem!

ingame footage

  • A high amount of different maps, gadgets, mechanics, competition and story!
  • Lots of various Characters, Skins, Hats and Capes!
  • Global & local rankings with leaderboards and statistics!
  • Unique Soundtrack and ambience!
  • Tons of uniquely designed levels! Created with LOVEā„¢!
  • Lots of achievements and unlockables!
  • Coming soon: A hardcore mode with deadly traps that make you flip your table!
Tell me more about this rumptastic stuff
Content and playtime
Compete with your steam friends, dare them to defy you and beat their best times! Be rewarded with different skins, characters and even some nice powerups. If you want to, you can climb the ladder and score the best times of the worldwide ranking! Or you just play it for yourself and enjoy jumping around our maps, which are becoming ever more over time.

The basic singleplayer, upon full release, offers over 50 different maps with some serious jumping, collecting and raging action! Get all Coins to proceed to the next level, be fast to make sure to beat your friends' highscores! Achieve the Bronze, Silver and Gold times to receive cool awards, skins and other stuff. And on top of that you can collect hidden stuff for even more rare unlocks!

Individual characters
Being individual means at lot to us - because customizing your character adds a lot of variance and fun!

There will be quite a bunch of characters of all kinds... Rumptown citizens (like Forrest, the Piratess, the Dark Rump, ...), Animals (the Udder Rump, Chikin' Rump, ...) and also fictional or object-styled characters (the TicTac, the Dumpster, the Teapot, ...). Each of them owns a cape, which you can customize by a lot of skins and color settings as well.

On top of that there are character-subskins, so you can make your vanilla Forrest to an Italian Plumber char with a plunger on his head. Or a "Like a Sir" VIP-Rumptown citizen with a monocle and a rather large stovepipe on his head.

And then there will be...
"Settings": You could call these sceneries, environments, surroundings and the like. We call them settings internally. And we're starting with the city of rumptown - but we have a lot of possible other settings ready in our ideas.

How about rumping in space? Or in a cave? Or in a jungle? Each new setting will come with a lot of new graphics and mechanics. A cave surely has different traps than cities' rooftops - and so will every new setting.

Each new setting comes with at least 30 new maps to go along with the new scenery. This is where you can lure your friends in the » multiplayer into new awesome traps and score better times on each map than anyone else ever did!